Braves mega Lot 4 Orioles

Braves mega Lot 4 Orioles

Post by John Trum » Thu, 02 Aug 2001 21:43:18

Includes Maddux, Furcal, Glavine, Smoltz, thousands of Braves


Besides this item, we have available a larger quantity of this player for
trade as a bulk lot.


We are currently LIQUIDATING our ENTIRE INVENTORY of cards and memorabilia
lock, stock and barrel.

We are looking to trade it for the following teams, Cal Ripken
Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Colts (NO INDY!)

We are dividing all of our stock up by teams and star players.
We are ONLY trading by lots of WHAT WE HAVE AVAILABLE.
However, if this trade works to a mutual agreement for both parties
involved, we will welcome continued trades by teams on a monthly or every
TWO month basis.

Our rules are basic and simple.

We do NOT have the time to list each lot or HOW MANY cards there are in each
Each lot will have (if available), Rookies, Stars, Bat or Jersey cards,
inserts, oddball, odd-sized shaped cards, team sets, etc.
All cards are in EX+ condition, no dogs.

Please do not email asking for specifics, for example if you are interested
in the Mark mcgwire lot, please do not ask how many Rookies there are, there
are none, or we would "Headline" that in the ad. We are trading bulk for

If we send you for example 500 McGwire cards that "Beckett" for $650.00 in
value, we expect at least $650.00 back in value of Cal Ripkens, Baltimore
Orioles Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Colts (NO INDY!) in return.

If all you have are 1000 cards that add to that amount, fine, no problem.
If you have ONE card that adds to that amount, fine no problem.

We intend in specializing in these 4 items --- Ripken, orioles, Ravens &
BALTIMORE (Not Indy) Colts.

We are interested in Cards, 8x10's, pennants, yearbooks, scorecards,
programs, memorabilia of almost any kind.

So if interested, prepare an offer, you do NOT have to take the time to list
every card, but as long as you can not "Cherry Pick" the stock we send, we
could have a deal.

We have been trading cards for a long time and am now interested in aquiring
just this region.
If you can help us, we can help you.