GAME WORN MEMORABILIA FS Good Prices 1/1 & More ########

GAME WORN MEMORABILIA FS Good Prices 1/1 & More ########

Post by Steve Cook » Sat, 15 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I have the following Memorablia cards for sale from last year and this years
stuff and from various products.
Please feel free to make me an offer if you don't like my price.

99-00 UPPER DECK  Series 1

DHP Dominik Hasek  Patch Card BV$400   sell $300   less then 10

99-00 UD Black Diamond
A Piece of History

DH Dominik Hasek  Level 3  1/1   offers
TC Tim Connolly  Level 1 (gold) piece is blue&white
JJ Jaromir Jagr  Level 1 (silver) piece is clear&black $100
EB Ed Belfour  Level 1 (gold) piece is plain wood $45
MM Mike Modano  Level 1  (silver) piece is gold&green/black $60

99-00 TOPPS Premier Plus
Game Jersey

GP-DW Doug Weight  Swatch  90%white & 10% blue  $65

99-00 UD SPx
Winning Materials

WM6 Brett Hull Puck black & Swatch is White BV$200  Sell $125

Game Used Pieces

S-MH Marian Hossa   Game Jersey Swatch 60% Red & 40% Black $40
S-EB Eb Belfour Game Stick (redemption)   $25

98-99 UD SPx Prospects
Winning Materials

JJ Jaromir Jagr Stick Plain Wood & Swatch is Blue BV$300  Sell$200

Thanks for your Time