I need 02-03 Parkhurst Rookies

I need 02-03 Parkhurst Rookies

Post by Harry Marcad » Thu, 20 Nov 2003 07:59:32

Okay, I am still looking for these rookie cards numbered to 500. Is anyone
out there with any of them to sell (or trade)? I will pay a reasonable price
(no more than LOW Beckett). You can check my homepage for cards I have to
trade (value for value).

I still need:
#215 Leclaire, 220 Kolvisto, 221 Morrison, 222 Hainsey, 225 Pirjeta, 229
Svitov, 230 Smirnov, 235 Ott, 242 Colaiacovo. 247 Spezza and 248 Rudkownski.

My homepage is at


I hope there is some help out there.