Help!! Need 5 03-04 Pacific singles

Help!! Need 5 03-04 Pacific singles

Post by George Hal » Tue, 02 Sep 2003 09:02:52

George here. I am looking for the following five 03-04 Pacific singles in trade. I have hundreds of
03-04 Pacific and Topps singles to trade and am willing to trade in your favor. Thanks for the read.

25, 67, 124, 231 & 255

Col. Cross recorded "I went to my regiment, counted my files, and found that I had two-hundred and
forty nine rifles and nine*** officers - line, field and staff. I passed along the line and spoke
to the officers and men; told them it twas to be a ***y strife, to stand firm, and fire low; to
close on their colors and be steady. I told the officers, I said that they were expected to do their
duty. Then I placed myself at the head of my men and we started, following the Irish Brigade."

Fredericksburg, VA
December 13, 1862