Leclair / Moreau Unlimited Exposure #94

Leclair / Moreau Unlimited Exposure #94

Post by Paul » Fri, 26 Nov 1999 04:00:00

      Misrepresentation of the what he's dealing to you leads to

I have a 97/98 Leclair/Moreau Donruss Limited Unlimited Talent Exposure
#94 for SALE ($145 Dlvd) or TRADE ($250.00BV, please see my WANTLIST

Thanks for looking.

                 *  MY WANTLIST  *

Interested in PARALLELS of these players for the parallel sets
Alfredsson, Bourque, Deadmarsh, K.Draper, Friesen, Hossa, Kurri        
Langenbrunner, Langkow, Lehtinen, Lidstrom, D.McCarty, Neely, Osgood,
Peca, Storr, Theodore, Yashin, Yzerman
98/99 ANY 1/1
98/99 BAP Playoff Game Used Jerseys (most, please no chipping)
98/99 Black Diamond RCs: Connelly, Finley
98/99 SP Authentic RCs: Beech, Finley, Lundmark, Ouellet
98/99 UD Game Jerseys: Luongo, Tanguay, Joseph
97/98 Certified Mirror Gold (Skaters, no goalies)
97/98 ANY Hossa RC
97/98 Hossa Parallels (AP, Rink, Pacific Red-Silver, etc.)
97/98 Certified Mirrors (Skaters only)
97/98 Donruss Preferred Hossa Silver #162
97/98 Omega Ice Blue (mostly unlisted stars & semi-stars)
97/98 Pacific Ice Blue (mostly unlisted stars & semi-stars)
97/98 Pinnacle Press Plates
97/98 Revolution Ice Blue (mostly unlisted stars & semi-stars)
97/98 UD Game Jerseys: Fedorov, Koivu, Leetch, Weight
97/98 Black Diamond Single RCs: Luongo, D. or H. Sedin, Tanguay
97/98 Leaf Lindros Collection: ANY
97/98 UD RC: Ribeiro #417
97/98 Zenith Small RCs: Lecavalier, Luongo, Tanguay
96/97 Black Diamond RC: Marleau #103
96/97 Certified Blue (mainly semi-stars & unlisted stars)
96/97 Certified Mirrors: C.Lemieux(Red), Bertuzzi(Red),
                        Kurri(Gold, Blue, Red), Langkow(Gold, Red)
96/97 Flair Blue Ice J.Theodore #B112 (###/250)
96/97 Leaf Preferred Press Proofs (mainly semi-stars & unlisted stars)
96/97 Marleau UD RC #384
96/97 UD Game Jerseys: Bourque, Bure, Modano, Sundin, Yzerman
95/96 SP Gretzky Collection #G18, G19, G20 Header (Purple verion)
95/96 Topps Yzerman Home Grown Canada #HGC16
95/96 UD Electric Ice Gold (mainly semi-stars, some commons)
95/96 UD RCs: Garon #525, Theodore #530
94/95 TSC First Days (mainly semi-stars & unlisted stars)
93/94 TSC First Days (mainly semi-stars & unlisted stars)