Arnold Palmer memorabilia, including AUTOGRAPH - *REDUCED*

Arnold Palmer memorabilia, including AUTOGRAPH - *REDUCED*

Post by Bruce Rodge » Thu, 02 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hey Arnold Palmer Fans -

I'm posting this for a friend, but respond back to
me if you have any questions etc.  I'll pass them
along to him.   Thanks!

Arnold Palmer Lot:

1.)  Book: "Portrait of a Professional Golfer," by
Arnold Palmer.  Published by Golf Digest, 1964.
Hardcover book, with dust jacket, 1st edition,
nice condition.  
AUTOGRAPHED by Palmer - "Best Wishes Arnold Palmer"

2.)  Arnold Palmer Practice Putting Cup.  Arnold
Palmer Enterprises, 1964.  UNUSED, with instructions,
booklet, cup, and decal in excellent box.  (Where are
you gonna find a mint, unused one of these? :)

Both items - WAS: $100.00 postpaid
             NOW: $75.00  postpaid

Bruce Rodgers