Diverse Selection of Books FS

Diverse Selection of Books FS

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Prices are in US$ and do not include shipping costs from Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada.  Satisfaction or money refunded.  References available upon request.
Discounts for volume purchases, dealers receive a second discount.  More
detailed info available if desired.

 1. Adams, E; Astrology for Everyone What It Is and How It Works
        published by The Blakiston Co., Circle Book edition (1960's?),
        VG+/-, 8vo, 268 pp, blue cloth with pages edged in blue (no
        bleeding), fancy spine black lettering, clean & tight             5.00

 2. Allan, William; Stonewall Jackson's Campaign Shenandoah Valley of
        ***ia from November 4, 1861 to June 17, 1862 published by
        Hugh Rees, Ltd., 1912, 1st Rees edition (orig. Lippincott),
        VG/-, 8vo, 284 pp includes index, 3 additional pp of ads for
        other volumes from The Pall Mall Military Series, 7 of 8 maps
        included (fold-out 1 in the EP pocket is missing), corners
        bumped and lower 2 show some wear, spine slightly faded with
        nick just above the word Ltd and top is pushed-in, previous
        owner's name on fep, clean & tight                           75.00

 3. Angell, R.; Five Seasons A Baseball Companion published by Simon &
        Schuster, 1977, 1st edition, VG+/VG+, 8vo, 413 pp with a
        foreward, dark blue boards with gold eps & gilt lettering on
        the spine, price mark stain on fep, lower front dj leaf is
        clipped, clean & tight                                           30.00

 4. Angell, R.; Late Innings A Basebal Companion published by Simon &
        Schuster, 1982, 1st edition, VG+/-, 8vo, 429 pp with a foreward,
        green quarter cloth/blue boards & eps, gilt lettering, fep to
        page 12 has a crease showing in the middle of each page, clean &
        tight                                                            25.00

 5. Angell, R.; Season Ticket A Baseball Companion published by
        Houghton Mifflin, 1988, 1st edition, VG+/VG+, 8vo, 406 pp with
        a 2 page preface, gray boards with maroon spine & eps, silver
        lettering, 3 lines of writing (name etc) in ink & slashed in
        ink, price clipped from dj, clean & tight                        25.00

 6. Berton, P.; Winter published by Stoddart Publishing Co., 1st edition,
        1994, NF/F, folio, 240 pp, photographs by A. Gallant with
        other illustrations taken from works by Kane, Jackson & others
        as well as archieved photos, maroon cloth with silver lettering,
        clean & tight                                                    30.00

 7. Bolus, M. [compiler]; Image of Canada published by Ryerson Press,
        1953, 1st edition, NF/-, 4to, 342 B&W photos (acknowledgments),
        intro by W. Eggleston & a copy of a note from the then Governor-
        General V. Massey, red cloth with gilt lettering on spine & the
        crest of The Canadian Geographical Society (1929) on the cover
        in gilt, epps ills. a very good map of Canada, clean & tight     10.00

 8. Booth, G; Think Good Thoughts About a ***cat (always editorial
        comment :), published by Dodd, Mead, 1975, 1st edition, VG-/G+,
        folio, 122 pp (112 drawings), orange cloth, black lettering on
        spine, top of boards dented about 1.5" in from spine but no
        splitting, fep has 3 previous prices erased, lower crns bumped,
        dj shows wear & tear (scotch tape covers a tear from the left
        side of Booth's photo thru his runners & down to bottom on rear
        otherwise clean & tight                                          20.00

 9. Burnett, W. & H.; [editors], Story Jubilee published by Doubleday
        & Company, Inc., 1965, 1st edition, NF/-, 8vo, 589 pp, intro,
        anthology of 50 short stories from Story magazine with Caldwell,
        Capote, Cheever, Faulkner, Mailer, Saroyan & Williams as some
        of the contributors, clean & tight                               30.00  

10. Cerf, Bennett [editor]; Reading For Pleasure published by Harper &
        Brothers, 1957, 1st edition, VG+/VG, 8vo, 769 pp includes
        intro, index & bios of all selected authors including Carson,
        Collier, Dahl, Dinesen, Hart, Marquand, Michener, Thurber, and
        Wolf, crease in bottom of title page, stain on upper rear of
        dj, dj shows wear, clean & tight                             25.00

11. Gorey, E.; The Tunnel Calamity or Unexpected Appearance of the
        Uluus (thought to have been extinct for over a century) in the
        Tunnel Connecting East Shoetree and West Radish, St. Frumble's
        Day, 1892 published by General Publishing Co. Limited, 1st
        edition, 1984, VG+/-, 16mo, a tunnel (magic windows) entrance,
        exit (door in the wall) and 8 sections, front right lower corner
        bumped, a black mark on the left side & some fingertip smudges
        on the back side edges                                          250.00

12. Costain, T.B.; Read With Me published by Doubleday & Company, Inc.,
        1965, 1st edition, NF/-, 8vo, 623 pp, anthology of 31 short
        stories selected by Costain as favourites and including among
        the authors are Albee, Behan, Christie, Hemingway, Leacock,
        Parker & Woolf, clean & tight                                    35.00

13. Collier, J.; The John Collier Reader published by Knopf, 1972,
        1st edition 2nd prtg, NF/VG, 8vo, 571 pp, intro by A. Burgess
        with 47 stories by J. Collier including all if His Monkey Wife
        and 2 chapters from Defy The Foul Fiend, dj has a few small
        tears & chipping                                                     35.00

14. Brothers Grimm; Fairy Tales from Grimm published by Wells Gardner,
        Darton & Co., 1894 edition, VG-/-, 8vo, 340 pp, very scarce,
        22 pp intro by S. Baring-Gould, 100+ drawings by G. Browne,
        44 tales, 8 pp of Wells Gardner, Darton & Co. ads, foxing thru-
        out, owner's note dated 1897 on page with the flying bat-like
        creature, C.A. Partridge, Bookseller & Printer Ludlow stamp on
        page with title Fairy Stories, corners bumped, grayish boards
        with stamped decorations, front has title in black in upper
        left-hand corner, a fairy (in red) riding a red dragon above
        a mtn-top castle with a gilted sun (3/4) behind the castle
        and "with drawings by Gordon Browne" in small black lettering
        in the lower right-hand corner, back has a young archer (red
        vest/dark hose) firing an arrow at a winged dragon perched upon
        a mtn ledge with clouds behind, spine has a white/gray figure
        standing between the out-streched wings of a prone dragon,
        spine is rough but all titles & artwork is visible, spine is
        double bound, corners are bumped with lower ones soft, book is
        clean, straight, firm with no loose or torn pp, some words are
        underlined in pencil                                            135.00

15. Duncan, D.D.; "Yankee Nomad" published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston,
        1st edition 2nd printing, 1967, VG/-, 4to, 480 pp includes an
        intro by J. Gunther. prologue & postscript, a journey thru
        David's photographically interesting life using personal letters
        to set up the 100s upon 100s of photos (colour & B&W), front
        cover corners bumped, rear cover corners slightly bumped, very
        small nick on bottom of spine, clean & tight (rare for a book
        of this size and content)                                        35.00

16. Fadiman, C. [selector]; Reading I've Liked published by Simon &
        Schuster, 1st edition, 1941, VG+/-, 8vo, 954 pp with 46 page
        intro by C. Fadiman & 51 works from authors such as Hemingway,
        Lardner, Mann, Perelman, Thurber & Woolf with commentaries by
        Fadiman, black cloth with gilt lettering, front lower corner
        bumped, a few marks, clean & tight (for a novel of this size)    30.00

17. Hemingway, E.; "The Hemingway Reader"  published by Charles
        Scribner's Sons, 1st edition, 1953, VG/-, 8vo, 652 pp,
        foreward & 12 brief prefaces, one for each story, by C. Poore,
        mark from removed price tag on fep, spine very slightly faded
        with a tiny mark above the Y in Hemingway (title) and board
        showing on rear panel near spine (very tiny), clean & tight  25.00

18. Huxley, A.; Collected Essays published by Harper & Brothers,
        1st edition, 1959, VG/-, 8vo, 399 pp, 5 page preface, 45
        essays covering 12 topics collected from 14 previous volumes,
        ex-lib with school stamp in blue on both eps, card slot
        removed, gray boards with stain mark on front edge and spine
        slightly faded, clean & tight                                        20.00

19. MacDougall, A.R.; The Gourmet's Almanac published by Desmond
        Harmsworth, 1st edition, 1931, VG+/-, 8vo, 366 pp includes
        intro by J. Collier & 8 blank lined pages for receipes, green
        cloth spotted & faded (especially the spine), gilt lettering,
        bumped corners, clean & tight                                    40.00

20. Maugham, W.S.; The Maugham Reader published by Doubleday & Company,
        Inc., 1950, VG/-, 8vo, 1217 pp, intro by G. Wescott with 20
        stories, frontispiece sketch of Maughan by G. Sutherland, red
        decorated boards no wear, black spine with gold decorations &
        lettering with scuff marks on the top & bottom near rear board,
        clean & tight                                                    20.00

21. Moncrieff, M.C.S.; Kings & Queens of England published by Blandford
        Press, 1st edition, 1966, VG/-, 8vo, 160 pp including an essay
        on Royal Portraiture by R. Ormond & index, 32 colour plates plus
        many other B&W ills., red cloth shows bump at top & bottom of
        spine (both spots still firm), clean & tight                     10.00

22. Moseley, H., [editor]; The Romance of North America published by
        Houghton Mifflin Company, BCE, NF/VG, 8vo, 445 pp includes
        intro by P.E. Jones, a preface, stories from 14 writers, 17
        maps, 147 B&W photos and the Photo Credits, dj has 2 tears
        (both 0.5") on spine both at top 1 in the front crease, the
        other near the rear crease, book shows very slight wear at
        top of spine, clean & tight                                          15.00

23. National Film Board; Canada published in association with Clarke,
        Irwin, limited edition of 500 (commenerating the 1973 Prime
        Ministers of the Commonwealth Meetings), 1973, F/VG+, folio,
        54 colour plates by Canadian photographers illustrating the
        beauty and variety that is Canada coupled with poems (bilingual),
        deep brown cloth with gold gilt lettering, epps by F. Patterson,
        dj shows wear with 3 nicks, clean & tight                        20.00

24. Picasso, P.; Picasso His Recent Drawings 1966-1968, published by
        Harry N. Abrams, 1st edition, 1969, F/VG+, folio, 254 pp with
        405 photos (colour & B&W), preface by R. Char, text by C. Feld,
        list of the photos, translation By S. Brunner, colour pictorial
        cover (designed by Picasso) with mylar protection, 4 small
        tears to the mylar cover, clean & tight                             125.00

25. Priestley, J.P.; Literature and Western Man published by Harper &
        Brothers, 1st edition, 1960, NF/-, 8vo, 512 pp includes index,
        appendix and a conclusion, 3 page intro, 22 pieces in 5 parts,
        black boards with blue spine, clean & tight                  25.00

26. Roberts, A. [artist] & Mountford, C.P. [writer]; The Dreamtime
        Book, Australian Aboriginal Myths published by Rigby, 1976
        printing, G+/G, super royal 4to, 175 pp, intro of 4 pp then
        every 2nd page is a painting (most fill 2/3rds of the page &
        the rest are split 1/3rd and full page), the only concern is
        that the book has suffered water damage (lower 1/3 at spine
        thru-out the book, the rear cover & rep), however only four
        paintings were affected, fep filled with right of ownership,
        bottom rear of dj is ugly, tight                                 25.00

27. Saucier, T. [editor]; Bottoms Up published by Greystone Press,
        new & revised edition, 1962, NF/VG (slipcase, no wrapper),
        4to, 288 pp includes national toasts & index, a complete
        bar (booze) book with cover design by A. Dorne, decorations
        by R. Patterson and full page colour artwork by A.W. Brown,
        G. Bundy, P. Dormont, B. Stahl & others, red epp with red
        page edges on top, clean & tight                                 55.00

28. Searle, R; Ronald Searle (A Perspective) published by Andre Deutsch,
        1st edition, 1978, F/VG+, folio, 236 pp with index, intro by
        Henning Bock, an essay by Pierre Dehay, 100s of illustrations
        in colour & B&W providing a view of Searle's work from 1940ish,
        red cloth, dj has 3 nicks, clean & tight                         40.00

29. Stoddard, J.; Portfolio of Photographs of Famous Scenes, ...
        published by the Educational Publishing Co., no edition & no
        date shown (circa 1890's but judging by the binding (maroon
        leather (showing slight wear) with 1" brown leather from spine
        & each corner is a right angled triangle in brown leather with
        a hypoteneuse of 1", each very slightly frayed) a 1st edition),
        VG-/-, folio, 260 pp with an intro., each page contains a large
        photo and a concise description, illustrated epps with matching
        page edges, slight foxing on 10 pps, 3 pp have a slight tear,
        1 pp is wrinkled, 1 pp has scotch from the crn of the picture to
        the crn of the pictur on the opp. side and 1 page has a small
        piece the photo lifted (in amongst the pavement of a photo of
        the Bradenburg Gate), clean & tight                              90.00

30. Symonds, J.A.; [translator] of The Autobiography of Benvenuto
        Cellini published by Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1st edition,
        1946, VG+/-, 8vo, 442 pp includes notes, ills. with colour
        plates and pen & ink sketches by Salvador Dali, previous
        owner's signature on FEP, red boards with one of Dali's
        sketches in gilt on cover, spine is faded, clean & tight        100.00

31. Theatre Guild Anthology (The) published by Random House, 1st
        edition, 1936, VG+/-, intro by The Board of Directors of the
        Theatre Guild, 8vo, 961 pp, 14 plays by authors such as A.A.
        Milne, E. O'Neill & G.B. Shaw, green boards, corners bumped,
        spine slightly faded, FEP shows old price tag mark, clean &
        tight                                                            25.00  

32. Thomas, L. [editor] Great True Adventures published by Hawthorn,
        1st edition 2nd prtg, 1955, G/-, 8vo. 402 pp includes intro
        and intros to each tale, red boards, corners bumped and
        frayed, spine torn at top, pen mark on rear board, pencil mark
        on side edges, relatively clean & tight, excellent RC                 5.00

33. Van Loon, H.W.; The Arts published by Simon & Schuster, 1st US
        edition, 1939, VG/-, 8vo, 677 pp, ills. by author in colour
        & B/W, red cloth boards, bumped cnrs, clean & tight              30.00

34. Van Loon, H.W.; Lives published by Simon & Schuster, 1st US
        edition, 1942, VG/-, 8vo, 886 pp, ills. by author in colour
        & B/W, red cloth boards with discolouration bottom front &
        top of spine (0.25"), ills. eps, shelf wear, clean & tight       30.00

35. Warren, F.K. [editor] Europe Illustrated published by Aldine Book
        Publishing Co., 1st edition, 1888, NF/-, folio, 140 pp, brown
        cloth with gilt/black lettering, views of France, Spain, the
        German Empire, Norway & Great Britain and Rome are illustrated
        with 89 wood engravings, beautifully written presentation
        piece on fep, very slight foxing on a few pp, clean & tight      60.00

Thank you for your interest, Jim.