FS: * Character Toys : Roy rodgers Clock , Dukes of Hazzard , etc

FS: * Character Toys : Roy rodgers Clock , Dukes of Hazzard , etc

Post by Eric VanDyc » Tue, 14 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Rules of the Sale:

1. This is a sale, not an auction.
2. First come first serve.
3. I accept money orders as payment (or Bank Drafts).
4. Buyer pays for shipping. Shipping will be U.S.
   Priority mail unless otherwise asked for by the
   buyer. I will ship any way that you want except C.O.D.
5. I reserve the right to remove any item from the
   sale if I so choose. (It hasn't happened so far,
   I just like to reserve the right)
6. I can supply references if needed.
7. Items will be held for no longer than 10 days UNLESS
   special arangements are made (IE Let me know that it
   will take longer than the 10 days) This is 10 days
   from comfirmation of sale.

Dr.Pepper Can Lamp.
Has a plastic base, and then neck of the lamp is an old Dr.Pepper
can. Rises to a chrome top and then the bulb assembly. Very nifty.
Mr.Do-Bee hand puppets
Plastic Baggie Type, I have 6 more....
$1.50 each or $7.50 for the set of 6
all are like barnd new.

Dukes of Hazzard Colorforms.
1981, missing just 1 little piece (not a character or
vehicle) Box has one split on one side. Excellent
Condition.                                        $8.00

Roy Rodgers Clock, Made by Ingraham.
Shows a desert scene with roy on trigger, that
rocks back and forth to tick off the seconds.
There is a hunk out of the plastic cover in the
upper right hand corner. (About the size of a pinky nail and a half)
Chrome around face is darkened in spots. Over all
in very good condition. Keeps time and alarm works.
                                          $100.00 or best offer.

Micky and Minnie Mouse Pedistal milk glass mugs.
Excellent condition, no fading or paint wear.         $12.00 Set of 2

Sweet Polly Pepsi Collectors Glass.
Excellent condition, no fade or paint wear.           $6.00

Captian Black Beard Collegeville Mask and costume.
Original box, Mask has hair. Excellent condition.

Evel Kinevel Stunt Stadium, 1974 Ideal Toys
Vinyl stadium case, has 6 plastic pieces and
a vinyl ramp piece. All in excellent condition.

Voltron Magnetix Playset.
Like colorforms with magents. Missing 1 of the 10 magnetic pieces.
In very good + condition.  $6.00

Barbie Macalls Pattern Set (Official)
1964. Pattern and instructions are complete and most of
the pieces have never been cut out.
Package shows the old styled dolls and the clothes
that you can make. Outer package is in VG condition
(a few rips that have been taped, and just plain age wear.
Still looks excellent +
                                           $40.00 or Best Offer

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