LSN: Linn's Stamp News May 24 highlights

LSN: Linn's Stamp News May 24 highlights

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The latest news, columns, and features from
the May 24 edition of Linn's Stamp News Online
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Linn's Online News:

1. Britain honors entertainers, soccer, TV; stamps are
sixth set in Millennium series
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 Great Britain features entertainment on the sixth
 set of stamps in its Millennium series.

2. Take away Daffys stamp and he says, Mine, mine, mine, mine.
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 The words Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine are revealed when you
 remove a self-adhesive Daffy Duck stamp from the liner paper.

3. Cancel for catsup bottle
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 An Illinois town pays special tribute to its unique landmark --
 a water tank shaped like a catsup bottle -- with a special
 as associate editor Charles Snee reports.

4. Canyon location error may cost USPS plenty
( print/archives/19990524/news4.asp )

 A mistake in geography may cost the USPS more than
 half a million dollars.


Linn's Online Columns:
1.  Editors Choice: Internet search locates long-sought cover
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 Editor-Publisher Michael Laurence tells how
 led him to a cover he had been searching a long time for.

2. Refresher Course: U.S. self-adhesive formats continue to evolve
( print/archives/19990524/refresher.asp )

 Self-adhesive stamps now dominate United States stamp production.
 Senior editor Michael Baadke, who previously has written about the
 Tropical Flowers issue, is taking this opportunity to provide some
 additional information about the many formats of U.S. self-adhesive
 stamps that are manufactured today.


Regular Features

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3. New Issues : Western Hemisphere
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7. Linn's computer wallpaper: 1932 U.S. 10th Olympic Games Issue -
Myrons Discobolus (Scott 719)
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9. Stamp Events calendar
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10. 1999 U.S. Stamp Program
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11. 1999 Canada Stamp Program
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12. 1999 U.N. Stamp Program
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Column Previews
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1. Collecting Canada: Medallion issue on cover by John Burnett
2. Insider: The APEX acronym by Les Winick
3. Kitchen Table Philately: Papua New Guinea by E. Rawolik V
4. Mexico: V-Mail by Dale Pulver
5. Postal History: Mailing newspapers by Richard B. Graham
6. Postmark Pursuit: Stamp hobby cancel by Charles Snee
7. Stamp Market Tips: Zanzibar by John G. Ross
8. U.S. Notes: Grand Coulee Dam stamp by John Hotchner
9. World of New Issues: Sweden, Switzerland by Denise McCarty

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