Gilligan's Island Whitman Book from 1966 FS

Gilligan's Island Whitman Book from 1966 FS

Post by Sue from N » Sat, 12 Jan 2002 07:34:11


Whitman Book # 1566 from 1966


The Gilligan's Island Book has a photo of
Bob Denver on the cover about 4 1/4"
from the bottom up holding his hand over
his cap (colored photo).

About 1 3/4"above that are 3 small sized
photos showing some of the cast members on the
Island.  The turquoise blue strip follows around the
back side and has 3 different photos there.

The top 2" has Gilligan's Island written in
red and Authorized Edition under it in black.

The binding area is white on top, middle is
turquoise blue and bottom area is white with black
square that says "TV" and above it "Authorized" and
below it "Adventure".  A little below has a Black Oval
with Whitman in white letters.

The cover is semi-glossy.

Front inside cover is split from page, but intact.
Cover has worn edges and dirt spots.
Pages NMT and age discolored.

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