X-Files CCG: Best prices on the net

X-Files CCG: Best prices on the net

Post by Trevo » Sat, 12 Jul 1997 04:00:00

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WELCOME> X-Files CCG: Best prices on the net

RELEASE> this posting supercedes any and all previous posting.

********* X-Files CCG, URs and Promotional items *********
--cards                            Number        price   Rarity  

Gen Con Promo Deck (60 Gen Con promos)          600.00  promos

1st Expansion 101361 ULTRA RARES>                95.00   UR set of 5
2nd Edition ULTRA RARES>                        200.00   UR set of 10
1st EDITION ULTRA RARES>                        200.00   UR set of

Mulligan                         PR97-0005-INQ    2.00   Promo  
Smoke & Mirrors Complete Set of five promos for  25.00   promos
Team Work                        PR96-0007-SUR    7.00   Promo  
Blue Plate Special               PR97-0009-GMR    4.00   Promo  
Je Vois Quelque Chose L Au-De.. PR97-0010-FRN   30.00   Promo
Die Hand Die Verletzt (German)   PR97-0011-DEU   30.00   Promo
Not On The Menue                 PR97-0012-COM    4.00   Promo
Deny Everything (only 5000)      PR97-0999-DNY   73.00   Promo

The Dark Angel                   PR96-0001-SCR    6.00   Promo  
Fighter Interceptor              PR96-0002-INQ    6.00   Promo  
Alien Technology                 PR96-0003-GAM    6.00   Promo  
No One So Paranoid               PR96-0004-Gcon  48.00   Promo  
Chester Bonaparte, The Spirit... PR96-0005-GMR    6.00   Promo      
Agent Henderson                  PR96-0006-DUE    6.00   Promo  

**************Terms of agreement***************

CONDITION> All cards are NM/M condition and have never been played.

PAYMENT> The contents of this invoice must be paid for by personal check
or money order. The contents will be sent on receipt of money order.
Personal checks will be held for 10 working days before shipping. I will
accept cash, but I do not recommend sending cash through the mail. All
prices are US Dollars.

POSTAGE> Do only to popular demand, the contents of this order will be
sent via First Class US Mail in top loaders taped shut. If you would
prefer a different shipping method, let me know and we can work
something out. US postage/handeling cost is $1.00 first class anywhere
in the world.

UPS SHIPPING> If you would prefer UPS shipping then specify accordingly.
I recommend this method of shipping when purchasing highly valuable
cards. UPS shipping cost is $4.00 (Continental United States only).

Thanks for your interest