Scott's Loose Action Figure Mini-Auction, Final Update!!!!!!!

Scott's Loose Action Figure Mini-Auction, Final Update!!!!!!!

Post by _sdc_ (Scott Crawfo » Fri, 14 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Scott's First Loose Action Figure
                        Final Update!!!!!

9:27 PM EST: i am writing this roughly 90 minutes late, because of a
violation of a consumer electronics chain in my area's pricing policy,
which I was disputing with the general manager at one of their locations,
and as of now is still not resolved. If the lateness of the update has
inconvenienced you, I am truly sorry, and if you'd like to hear the whole
story, and possibly make a complaint to them about how their policy
violation has inconvenienced you in relation to this auction, get in touch
with me. I will give you a contact number at their customer service

OK, 25 minutes to go! Let's see what we've got!

   minimum on all of the figures in the auction is a buck!
          (ok, who's gonna bid on the snork, eh? :D)

    IMPORTANT: Since I now also have name I.D. on all of my Star Wars
figures, my Star Wars Loose Figure Auction is coming very soon after the
end of this auction. If you'd like to be on the mailing list for that,DROP
ME AN EMAIL. This email list will NOT carry over to the next auction, out
of respect for your email accounts. =) I'm not one of those guys that
bombards your emailbox with every auction I've ever done, 40 times a day,
until you don't want to bid at all because you're thinking, "God, what a
***!" =) Thanx...

   I am still accepting conditional bids. (here's that long-winded
explanation again.) With a conditional bid, you enter a bidding price
above which you won't bid, and as new bids come in, your bid is
automatically raised to the minimum raise above the highest bid, until a
bid comes along that's higher than your conditional bid. Simple, easy, and
it saves you the trouble of emailing me 20 times with bid increases! Plus,
if you don't have time to stop your day completely the last day or so to
watch the updates (there will be 2 the last day), you still in most cases
won't have to worry about being outbid at the last minute if you have a
good, solid conditional bid! And believe me, there's a lot of people in
this world who only bid in the last 15 minutes of an auction without a
"once/twice/sold" phase, myself included. >:)

    I had some of these ***s laying around the house, and decided to
share the wealth a little, as I have 5,000,000 action figures (blatant
exaggeration), and these are a few i didn't need.

Highlights include some AD&D, Robotech, and Raiders Of The Lost Ark
figures, and even a Mego Pocket Hero!

As the name of the auction implies, all figures are loose, without
accessories unless indicated that they have them.

This auction will end on March 12, 1997 at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Minimum bids will be $1 unless otherwise marked.

Bidding Increments:
       $.50    up to $5
       $1.00    $6-$20
       $2.00    $21-$50
       $3.00   $51-$100
       $5.00   $101+ (yeah, like bidding will really get that high on any
of        this...)

More rules follow the list of items.

The Figures!!!!

Raiders Of The Lost Ark: German Mechanic-a little dirty, but in good
shape. spring loaded arm works.

      Current bid: $5.00 Betsy            

                         Marion Ravenwood-missing skirt, paint ok except
for slight chip on nose, otherwise ok.

      Current bid: $20.00 BBUSEL (No email from this particapant; i guess
he wasn't kidding when he said "i hate participating in auctions. you've
got 20 minutes, bub. >:|)
      Current Next-Highest Bid: $18.00 Erikk (high bid if BBUSEL doesn't
confirm) (note: you guys REALLY want this figure? best bet in the bidding
is to go higher than the $20 offer! nudge nudge. :D)

AD&D: Strongheart-missing cape, but in good condition
otherwise (minor paint chipping on face).

      Current bid: $3.00 Betsy

      Melf-missing cape, but in great shape otherwise.

      Current bid: $2.00 Simbaka

      Mercion-ok shape, paint chipped on left glove, a little dirty around
right eye.

      Current bid: $2.00 Simbaka

      Young Male Titan-ok shape, missing helmet and codpiece that it came
with, some chipping around nose/mouth on right side, otherwise paint is
good all over.

      Current bid: $3.00 Betsy

          Warduke-the first evil fighter to be released in series, i
believe. helmet with bat wings, blue chain mail on left arm/leg, spiked
ankle bracelet. body in ok shape, some chipping on bottom of boots, for
some reason this one has whiteout covering open part of helmet.

      Current bid: $2.00 Simbaka

         Grimsword (this is the only one I'm not 100% on the name of...if
you're sure from my description that it's him, drop me a line)-from 2nd
series of AD&D figures(83)black, w/grey chainmail, snake wrapped around
chestplate, spring-loaded swivelling waist, grey mohawk on top of helmet.
horns on helmet are missing, otherwise figure in OK shape with few if any
paint defects.

      Current bid: $2.00 Simbaka

Snorks: green wind-up walking snork figure-green snork w/movable horn on
top of head, figure has green afro (molded on).

Robotech: Dana Sterling (from robotech masters, I believe)- cool silver
grey armor with red trim. figure has blonde hair. comes with cool,
valkyrie-like helmet. paint good, figure good.

       Current bid: $2.50 Colin B.

          Rand (another figure I'm not 100% on the name of-if you are, let
me know)-red haired male human figure. wearing brown outfit with beige
sleeves, and blue cuffs/hood. body ok (slight separation of torso at
shoulders), paint has minor chips around hair and shoulders.

       Current bid: $2.00 Erikk

Buck Rogers: Draconian Guard: figure has black outfit with brown pant
legs, and a french foreign legionish helmet. molded on holster at waist.
black patches on eyes, looks like CHiPs shades. =) paint ok, body ok.

       Current bid: $3.50 Colin B.

Mego Pocket Super Heroes: Superman-missing molded plastic cape (ripped
off), otherwise body in good shape. paint very good (few chips missing
from metallic red "S" emblem but barely noticeable unless you stare at it
for a while.)

       Current bid: $3.00 Marc P.


1.  This auction will end on March 12, 1997 at 10PM Eastern Standard Time.

2.  Current high bids will be posted to this newsgroup daily, as well as
sent via email daily, except on weekends, when some people are restricted
from email, as they're not at work. If you are done bidding, or do not
wish to recieve further auction updates, please tell me, and I'll take you
off the list.

3.  High bidders will be posted by their email name unless
otherwise specified.

4.  I reserve the right to remove items from the auction.

5.  Minimum bids will be $1 unless otherwise marked.
       $.50    up to $5
       $1.00    $6-$20
       $2.00    $21-$50
       $3.00   $51-$100
       $5.00   $101+ (yeah, like bidding will really get that high on any
of this...)

6.  If two people bid identical amounts, then the person
responding first will get credit for the bid.  

7.  Shipping and handling charges will be a flat $3 within North America.
Other areas will need to make special arrangements for shipping.

     Please make your subject Action Figure Bid.

9.  Following the auction, each bidder will be contacted individually for
payment and shipping.  U.S. Postal Money Orders are the preferred form of
payment. Personal checks (try not to send them, eh?) will be subject to a
2 week clearing process, and sending cash through the mail is just
foolish, so don't, for your own sake!

10.  I reserve the right to refuse bids. or alter the rules
or the auction itself.


12.  If you do not agree with these rules then please
do not bid.  Your participation in this auction signifies
your consent to follow these rules as stated.

13. I will be accepting conditional bids throughout the auction (as there
is no "once/twice/sold" phase in this auction). please inquire if you
don't know what those are.

14. Due to the reasons for this auction (no money <G>), i cannot accept
bids in the form of trade offers, unless it's old video game stuff like
Atari, Intellivision, etc. Even then, it'd have to be pretty good stuff.

15. I will consider buyout offers.

16. Have fun!