List of Beanies on FREE Buy Sell and Trade Board

List of Beanies on FREE Buy Sell and Trade Board

Post by Beanie Dealer » Mon, 06 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Here's just a few listed on our Buy Sell and Trade Board at'
Beanies Online

1999 Signature bear*5 Ants*5 Batty*(brwn)5 Beak (2) *5 Blackie*5 Bongo
Bucky*4 Butch*5 Canyon*5 Chip*5 Chocolate Claude*5 Clubby*5 ClubbyII*5
Congo*5 Crunch*5 Curly*5 Daisy Derby*5 Derby(fluffy mane)*5 Doby*5 Early*5
Eggbert*5 Erin*5 Ewey*5 Fetch*5 Fleece*5 Floppity*5 Fortune*5 Freckles*5
Fuzz*5 GiGi*5 Glory*5 Goatee*5 Gobbles*5 Gracie*5 Halo*5 Happy(lav)*5
Hippie*5 Hissy(2)*5 Hope(2)*5 Inky(pink)*5 Jabber*5 Jake*5 Kicks*5 Kuku*5
Lizzy(blue)*4 Loosy*5 Mel*5 Millennium*5 Mooch*5 Mystic(Ir. Horn)*4
Mystic(fluffy mane)*5 Nanook*5 Nibbler*5 Nibbly*5 Nip Nuts*5 Osito*5 Paul*5
Peace*5 Peanut*4 Pinky*5 Pouch*5 ***les*5 Princess(PE) *4 Puffer*5
Pugsly*5 Pumkin'*5 Ringo Roam(2)*5 Roary*4 Rocket*5 Sammy*5 Santa*5 Scat*5
Scoop Scorch*5 Slippery*5 Sly(brwn belly) Smoochy*5 Snort*5 Spike*5
Spinner(2)*5 Squealer*4 Stinger*5 Stinky*5 Stretch*5 Strut*5 Tank(9 plates
w/ shell) Tank(9 plates w/out shell) Tiny*5 Tiptoe*5 Valentina*5 Valentino*5
Weenie Whisper*5 Wiser*5 Zero*5 Ziggy*4

Bubbles the Beanie Buddy Quackers, Pattie, Doby and Brittania the ***ie

Halloween Meanie Bears

Millennium Beanie Babies - Limited Edition