Need to sell works by Georges Braque asap, so need dealer information if anyone has it.

Need to sell works by Georges Braque asap, so need dealer information if anyone has it.

Post by Schachinge » Mon, 13 Dec 2004 04:12:36


I need to quickly raise capital for a project that is of great
importance to me and so need to ask for some assistance.

I have 4 works by Braque, 2 original and 2 prints, and am looking to
sell the prints before Dec. 31st (After Dec. 31st the project will be

>From my research, I know that at auction the combined worth would be

between 8-12k. The problem is I cannot wait for auction. So, what I was
hoping is that someone here might know someone who deals in Braques
work or who collects it and who might be interested in purchasing them
directly for below their retail value. I have researched the internet
and sent out inquiries, but need to send out more than I have been able
to locate.

The prints are called "Les Poissons" and "Le Nid Vert". I am willing to
sell them well below the auction price for $5500 combined or $3500 for
the Le Nid Vert and $2500 for the Les Poissons if sold separately..

Here are links to similar prints (further along in the series, but from
the same plates)

Les Poissons: (mine is no 23 in the series)

Le Nid Vert: (mine is no 108 in the series)

My prints are have been appraised as more valuable because they are a
lower number in the series and a famous printmaker Braque worked with
did the one called "Les Poissons".

So in advance thank you so very much for any assistance you can
provide. As I mentioned, this project is very important to me, but will
be lost by Jan 1st if I cannot raise this money, so all help will be
met with great gratitude and appreciation... though please do not
suggest auction or consignment unless you know it will provide payment
by Jan 1.

Thank you so very much,
Kristine Schachinger

PS: I also have a Krebs Original and three originals by an American
artist Williamson if you know of anyone that would specialize in
selling those too..