English pennies 1860-1890

English pennies 1860-1890

Post by Bernard Workm » Sun, 13 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I am a collector of British pennies and will pay higher than catalogue prices
for rareties or high grade pennies 1860-1890.

Especially wanted are 1860 beaded border pennies,

1861 pennies with L.C.WYON below truncation
1862 pennies with L.C.WYON below truncation
1877 pennies with closely spaced date numerals (only 7mm. overall)
1882 pennies without the usual "H" mintmark below the date

  1882 pennies of this variety were issued for currency only in AUSTRALIA

1863 pennies with a die number below the date.  

Bernie...British bronze penny collector.

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