Beatles "Yellow Submarine" poster

Beatles "Yellow Submarine" poster

Post by Ron Seide » Tue, 24 Jul 2007 11:34:44

I have a Beatles "Yellow Submarine" movie poster I am considering selling.

It is 27" wide by 41" tall and says "Copyright ? 1968 United Artists
Corporation" in the lower left corner. On the lower right it says "Property
of National Screen Service Corp. Licensed for display only in connection
with the exhibition of this picture at the theatre licensing this property.
Licensor agrees not to sublease, trade, sell, give away or permit others to
receive or use this material. Immediately after completion of display,
rented material must be returned and leased material either returned or
destroyed." To the right of this statement is printed "68/310" and there is
a printer's registration mark in all four corners. (Toward the lower center
of the poster is a green apple with the statement "A Dozen Beatles Songs",
which, I guess, makes this a "12 song" poster.)

I acquired it new while in college in the late 1960s and it has tape marks
1" long or less in the upper and lower corners and upper middle (from having
been taped onto my dormitory door). Also there is damage in the lower right
edge in the form of a curve measuring about 1?" wide by 3/8" at its deepest
(from my having cut it slightly to fit around the door knob). Following
college it remained rolled up for over 30 years until about 2002 when it was
carefully unrolled & flattened and mounted in a poster frame (board backing
and clear plastic front with black plastic strips holding it all together --  
no adhesive of any kind). [The frame of this mounting almost completely
hides the damage in the lower right.] Since being mounted it has been
displayed flat against walls not in direct sunlight or exposed to any strong
light of any kind.

I trying to find out what interest there might be in it, and what someone
might offer for it...