Fantasia Packaged Items

Fantasia Packaged Items

Post by James Ha » Fri, 20 Feb 1998 04:00:00

1. Delux 50th anniversary "Fantasia" package with

   1. 2-video set with the movie and a behind the scenes look at how this
        work of animation excellence was made
   2. 2-CD set of the music that gave life to the ideas, beautiful and
   3. 32-page booklet filled with fine artwork and words (1 page has pen
   4. Certificate of authenticity

   5. All packaged in a blue slipcase with images of Mickey on everything

2. A Lorus watch, dial has Mickey shaking Leopold's (the conductor) hand

3. Rarities Mint, Inc. watch number A04146 22kt gold over .999 silver with
        Micking leading a broom to water on the dial all in a felt case

Cost: $500.00 U.S. shipped with insurance.

Also, for those of you who are interested I have a portfolio that was issued
celebrating MM's 50th birthday.  This set includes 4 limited edition cels
all numbered 232/275 depiciting an actual frame from "Steamboat Willy",
"The Band Concert", "Mickey's Birthday" and "The Simple Things" with all
certificates and portfolio case.

Thank you for your interest,  Jim