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Here are this weeks 44 "WEEKLY SPECIALS"   at
We've added something for everyone! Most major stars and Complete sets,
many at 40% of Beckett or less plus  1  FREE  Card!! Can't beat that price!!
(List is in year order, not player or set order, newest 1st)

#1)  JERRY RICE SPECIAL!! From now until Friday August 4th take 10% off
      any Rice Game Used or Autographed insert over $100! A great pre-season
      deal on this future hall-of-famer!!
#2) 1999  Pre-Season FOOTBALL SET SPECIAL!! The 1999 Skybox Dominion
      Premier Edition 250 Card Set--Loaded with rookies!! Edgerrin James, Ricky

      Williams, Tim Couch plus all of your favorite stars!! Beckett is $40,
this week
      it will cost you just $19!
#3) ROGER CLEMENS DEAL!! A mint 1999 Finest Team Finest Insert #7..
      Beckett $10, buy this future Hall-of-Famer for just $4!  SOLD OUT!!
#4) TERRELL DAVIS SPECIAL!! A mint 1999 Chrome Refractor Insert #100...
      Beckett value is $20, own this baby at 1/2 book..just $10!
#5)  The complete 98/99 Ultra Basketball Short Set--100 Cards including all of
       the major stars!! Jordan, Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Iverson, Kidd, Garnett,
       Rodman, Pippen, Hardaway and more!! Beckett value $25, specially priced
       at only $9.99
#6)  HOCKEY SET SPECIAL!! 1998/99 Upper Deck Choice Complete 310 Card
      Set--Loaded with Stars!! Gretzky, Roy, Jagr+++ Beckett $30....special
       week at only $15!!
#7)  HOCKEY SET SPECIAL!! 1998/99 Upper Deck M.V.P. Complete 220 Card
      set--Loaded with stars!! Roy, Yzerman, Gretzky, Jagr+++..Beckett $30...
      low price this week of only $15!!
#8)  Basketball Set Topps "East-West" 20 Card Set--Features Shaq, Jordan,
       Pippen, Hill, Kobe, Duncan, Kemp, Kidd, Iverson Closeout!  75.00  
#9)  KEVIN GARNETT SPECIAL! Here's a tough Garnett at a great low price!
       A mint 1998 Upper Deck Hardcourt HomeCourt Advantage Plus version of
       card #34. There were only 500 of these cards made, current Beckett is
       $72....special price below 1/2 Beckett!! Only 30.00  
#10) MICHAEL JORDAN SPECIAL!! A mint 1998/99 Topps Gold Label "Black
        version" Insert #1...Beckett value on this tough insert is $37, own one
        just $15!!  
#11) KOBE BRYANT SPECIAL!! A mint 1998/99 Ultra "Leading Performers"
        Insert #3...Beckett is $25...Low price while supplies last!!! Only $10!

#12) 1998 Baseball Set Pinnacle Performers 150 Card Set Loaded!! McGwire,
        Griffey, Ripken, Piazza, Chipper, Jeter+ Closeout! 15.00  
#13) 1998 Baseball Set Pacific Paramount Loaded with stars!! McGwire,
        Griffey, Piazza, Sosa, Ripken, Jeter, Chipper, A-Rod+ Closeout! 24.00  
#14)  BARRY BONDS SPECIAL! A mint 1998 SPX "Radiance" Version of Power    
        Explosion card #49..Beckett value is $24, this week it's only $10!!
#15) JOHN ELWAY SPECIAL!! A mint 1998 Pacific Omega EO Portrait #6 insert
        sharp looking card, scan available!! Beckett is $30...have just 1
left-only $12!!
#16)  BRETT FAVRE SPECIAL!! A mint 1998 Finest Refractor #120!! Beckett
         value $50..low price of $20...Just 1 in stock!!
#17)  KEN GRIFFEY SPECIAL!! A mint 1998 Circa "Thunder Boomer" Insert--
        Current Beckett is $40, special low price of $16!!
#18)  DEREK JETER DEAL!! A real tough 1998 Flair "Legacy" Collection Insert--
        Row 0, Card #14..Numbered 56 of only 100 made!! Beckett value on this
        rare card is $160, how could you pass it up for only $99??
#19)  MARK MCGWIRE DEAL!! A mint 1998 Crown Royale All-Star Die-Cut
        Insert #18--Sharp looking card, scan available! Beckett $50...this
        special price is just $20!!
#20)  Cal Ripken Fans...Here's a real tough insert for you at a great price! A
        1998 Donruss "Gold Press Proof--1 of 500 made" Version of card #61!
        Current Beckett value is $60, this week's special sale price is only
        Sale ends Friday August 4th!!  SOLD OUT!!
#21) ALEX RODRIGUEZ SPECIAL! A mint 1998 Topps Gallery Photo insert  #1    
       Beckett value $15, low price of only $6!!  
#22) GRANT HILL DEAL!! A mint 97/98 Stadium Bowman's Best Preview
        Refractor #BBP3...Beckett value $24..This week you can own it for $9!!

#23)  MICHAEL JORDAN SPECIAL!! A mint 1997/98 Z-Force Quickstrike
        Acetate insert #5--Sharp looking see-through card that currently books
        at $50 in Beckett..We'll offer it this week at only $20!! (Scan
#24)  JEFF BAGWELL SPECIAL!! A mint 1997 Bowman's Best Cuts Atomic
         Refractor #7--Beckett value is $18, low price this week of only $7!! A

         real sharp looking card!!
#25)  BASEBALL SET DEAL! A mint 1997 Flair Showcase Row 2 Complete
        180 Card Set. Absolutely LOADED with stars!! Beckett $80..1 set left in

        stock only for just $35!!   SOLD OUT!!
#26)  ALBERT BELLE SPECIAL!! A mint 1997 Fleer Tiffany edition insert #75...
        Beckett value $18, buy this very tough insert for only $8!
#27)  EMMITT SMITH DEAL!! A mint 1997 UD3 Generation E***ment Die-Cut
         insert--SHARP Looking card! Beckett is $20, this week's sale price is
         only $8!! (Email for scan!)
#28)  EMMITT SMITH SPECIAL!! A mint 1997 Topps Gallery Critics Choice
         Insert #13...Beckett value $20, this week's low price is just $8!!
         future Hall-of-Famer!!
#29)  JUAN GONZALEZ SPECIAL!! A mint 1997 Topps Inter-League Finest
        Refractor version of card #4 with Tony Gwynn!! Beckett value is $25...
        Two great stars, one LOW price of only $10!!  
#30)  SHAWN KEMP DEAL!! A mint 1996/97 Ultra Scoring King "Plus"
        Version #15...Beckett is $20...Own one for only $8!!
#31)  TROY AIKMAN SPECIAL!! A mint 1996 Upper Deck Hot Property "Gold"
        Version of insert #9 with Kerry Collins--Beckett is $ can own
        for only $6!!
#32)  DREW BLEDSOE SPECIAL!! A mint 1996 SP Focus on the future insert
        #18--Beckett value $24...low special $10!! Just 1 left!
#33)  CHIPPER JONES DEAL! A mint 1996 Sportflix Artist's Proof version of
        card #19--Beckett value is $37, this week only it's just $19! Hard to
#34)  EMMITT DEAL! A mint 1996 Pro-Line Rivalries Insert #6 (With Ricky
        Watters!) Normally $12, 1/2 price this week at only $6!!
#35)  TONY GWYNN SPECIAL!! A mint 1996 Leaf Statistical Standout insert
         #2...Beckett value $30, we offer the last we own for only $12! real
         looking card!
#36)  GREG MADDUX SPECIAL! A mint 1996 Pinnacle Team Spirit Insert #1
        Beckett value is $20, special this week at only $8!!
#37)  DAN MARINO SPECIAL!! A mint 1996 Pro-line Road to the Super Bowl
        insert #18/30! Last I saw it in Beckett it was $40 but they've pulled
it from
        the listings..We have 1 left at a low price of only  15.00  
#38) MIKE PIAZZA DEAL! A mint 1996 Score Dugout Artist's Proof Version of
       Card #42/110. Current Beckett is $30, this week's low price is only
       Piazza is hot and this is a very tough insert of his!! (Scan available,
#39) FRANK THOMAS SPECIAL!! 1996 Leaf "Silver Press Proof" Version of card
        #150...Beckett value is rediculously low for this tough insert at $31,
we offer
        it this week at only $14!! (Email for scan!)
#40) SCOTTIE PIPPEN SPECIAL!! A mint 1995/96 Finest Refractor #179.. Nice
        looking insert with a Beckett value of $40..last one we own--just $19!!

#41)  SHAQUILLE O'NEAL This weeks Shaq special is the 1995/96 Skybox
        Standouts Insert #SH5--Beckett Value $20, this week it is only $9 while

        supplies last!! (Scan available!)
#42) 1994  FOOTBALL SET SPECIAL!! 1994 Select Loaded w/ Stars + Rookie
       cards of Faulk, Dilfer, Rhett and more! Beckett is $20, Closeout price
#43) ANFERNEE HARDAWAY + SHAQ DEAL!! A mint 1993/94 Skybox Thunder
        + Lightning Insert #TL-6...2 Great players, 1 very low $5 price tag!!
#44) 1987 Ripken FREE!! That's always a great price! While supplies last we are

       giving away a FREE Cal Ripken 1987 Topps Card #784 with any $5 or more
       order! Just add this item to your shopping cart and a future
Hall-of-Famer is
       yours for the low, low price of  0.00

Nothing you are looking for right now on this list?  Check our site weekly as
specials are always added!! Try back on August 5th!!

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