FS/T C Dillon RC lot (Chrome, SP, Legacy etc)

FS/T C Dillon RC lot (Chrome, SP, Legacy etc)

Post by matt Weegen » Sat, 30 Dec 2000 11:53:23

I have for sale or trade the following C Dillon lot. His cards are on
fire and almost all his RC cards went up in this Beckett AGAIN!!! Here
are the cards:

7 Chrome RCs:  4 are definite BGS 9's quite possibly 9.5s!!!  3 of them
are just slightly off center and with the sharp corners, edges and great
surfaces could still get 9s (definitely if sent to PSA) but more then
likely 8.5s.  BV is now $210 for these ungraded.

1 SP RC: VERY good canidate for a BGS 9.5....definite BGS 9....(might be
a PSA 10)  sharp corners, smooth edges, no noticeable flaking.  BV $40

1 Flair Legacy RC #/100. NO NOTICEABLE DEFECTS   BV $120

1 Platinum Blue RC #/2499  NO NOTICEABLE DEFECTS...UNPEELED   BV $50


These cards went up about $75 this past month alone not taking in
consideration how much they went up the month before. Now that he is
going to be a free agent, who knows where he will end up and make
stardom....Total BV$432.....would sell for $225 DLVD.....I would trade
for the following:

SP Auth/SPx/Chrome RCs of: Manning, James, A Brooks, Griese, Taylor,
King, E George, Harrison, Culpepper, McNabb etc

SP Auth/P&P/Hardcourt/SPx RCs of: Carter, Miles, Marion, Nowitzke (msp),
Fizer, T Thomas, McGrady

Finest RCs: Garnett, Kidd, Kobe, Hill, Manning,

Older sealed basketball factory sets

Graded cards

Feel free to make any other reasonable offers....Matt