Post by JWVand » Mon, 20 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I'm john vandegrift, and that was just a joke.  But I like football cards
mostly, and I want any Donavon McNabb's, and any Ricky Williams, here's what I
Have for trade!

go to my website!  Click <a
href="http://www.angelfire.com/de2/mywebsite/index.html"> Here </a>  here  and
see if you like anything!  Also I
have some Inserts such as:
1996 (Drew Bledsoe) Pro Line "Pro line cels" #pc7
1997 (Brett Farve) Ultra "blitzkrieg" #6-18 (~~I have four of these~~)!
1997 (Drew Bledsoe) Ultra "main event" #4-10
1997 (John Elway) Ultra "specialist" #15-18
 1997 (John Elway) Ultra "come back kids" #4-10
 1997 (Barry Sanders) Ultra "sunday school" #2 of 10
  1997 Ultra "ultra stars" #6 of 10 - marvin harrison (I know this card
willgoup, its a $25.00 common right now, but i know it will go up!)
 1997 Ultra "ultra stars" #10 of 10 - Karim Abdul-Jabbar (another $25.00
1997 (BARRY SANDERS) ultra "ULTRA STARS" #2 of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 ALL of my cards are in mint condition!  I will trade, and sell!

I do have basketball cards, and even some baseball cards!