Football Lot Manning, Broncos gold card, 12 hours left

Football Lot Manning, Broncos gold card, 12 hours left

Post by mark blac » Wed, 23 May 2001 23:42:13

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This lot includes the following a uncut sheet of the 1993 dallas cowboys
mcdonalds gameday cards (6 cards maryland, emmitt smith, kevin smith,
stepnoski, tolbert and larry brown) . it also includes a vince lombardi
commemorative ticket of his qoutes on teamwork #9273, a denver broncos
commemorative ticket of super bowl XXXIII with john elway of front #3656 of
10000.a Jumbo edge presidential reserve time warp card of*** BUTKUS and
BLAKE # 1638 of 5000, 1 22kt gold die cut card of the denver broncos
commemorating super bowl XXXII champions #2500 of 5000, the complete set of
classic nfl experience game card set includes stars such as deion sanders,
emmitt, rice, collins, barry sanders, aikman , young, westbrook, kaufman,
isaac bruce, marino, pickens, faulk, elway, bledsoe and more.00 edge t3
manning promo 99 donruss randy moss checklist, 1965 jim brown philadelphia
reprint card, 97 edge crucibles insert card antowain smith, 99 edge fury
favre, 99 edge 1st place kordell stewart, 99 edge advantage jevon kearse, 99
odyssey mark brunell, 99 triumph bettis, bledsoe, antowain smith, flutie,
carter, 94 classic proline marshall faulk printers proof card, 1 of 400, 97
philadelphia eddie george, 98 skybox premium kerry collins, 96 pacific litho
cel darnay scott and a few other random cards

also have up for sale the following set:
99 edge Fury fast and furious set Moss, Emmitt, This is the complete 25 card
99 collector's edge fast and furious set. This is the preview set. This
a 2x the regular set. The regular set books at $100 which makes this set
a book value of $200. This set includes randy moss, emmitt smith, plummer,
terell davis, barry sanders, charlie batch, mark brunell, fred taylor, steve
young , jerry rice, eddie george and more.

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