Auction: $80K book - Ends tonight

Auction: $80K book - Ends tonight

Post by InterNet's Baseball Card Stor » Mon, 05 Jul 1999 04:00:00

$20,000 book value in REFRACTORS !!!
$ 5,000 book value in Autographed inserts & UDA items !!!

               Why we think we are the BEST!!!

              The InterNet's Baseball Card Store
                InterNet's Baseball Card Store
             Home of the WEEKLY 5,000+ lot Auction

1)  Incredible selection !!!
Each week we have over 5,000 lots of great items !!!
These  items have a retail or book value of close to $100,000 !!!
We are the largest non-3rd party auction on the web.
Although we do have many  nice low cost items, our auction is not loaded
down with a bunch of .25 to $5 cards.  We  always have a nice selection
of vintage material, popular rookie cards, high end recent inserts, hard
to find parallels (such as 1993 Finest Refractors), Upper Deck
Authenticated autographed items, oddball cards, bulk lots, WAX BOXES,
Complete Sets ...  &  more !!!
2)  You are only dealing with 1 party.
You deal only with us, not with a variety of unknown sellers.  You send
only 1 check (or pay with credit cards on orders of $30 or more) and you
pay only 1 (very reasonable) shipping and handling charge. With most of
our competitors, you are buying from many different sellers and need to
take the risks of dealing with each one individually.  If you are an
active buyer, this alone will save you tons of money and time compared
with E-Bay or any of those other consignement auctions sites.
We are the Web's largest single company sportscard auction site.
Also please note that unlike the other major auction sites, we have no
disclaimers or warnings. Check the others and you'll see comments like:
"Buyer beware", "We are not responsible", "Deal at your own risk".
I don't know about you but those comments don't make me feel confident.

3) This week is our 139th consecutive weekly auction.
In that time we have filled over 16,000 orders.
Don't confuse these numbers with others claims.  We are talking about
orders filled (many of them with 50 upto 200 individual items won).  In
those 15,000 orders we have had less than 10 items returned.  We are not
perfect but we'll stake our reputation up with the best of them.
We also accept MC/Visa/Discover.
Newsweek & US News both say  "On the web-only buy with credit cards"
4)  We offer FREE gifts
Not only do you get great deals in our auctions - we sometimes sweeten
the experience with free gifts and special discount offers.

We are the best,easiest & safest way to buy !!!

Come join the fun!!! Try us just once and you'll be a regular!
Baseball, Football, Basketball & Hockey cards and items!!!
Many lots have photos available for viewing.

Registration is free.
Registration and all bids are made only thru our web site.
The InterNet's Baseball Card Store
Home of the WEEKLY 5,000+ lot AUCTION