Matt's 2-week Auction - 11/11 Update

Matt's 2-week Auction - 11/11 Update

Post by Matthew Alb » Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi again.  The winners have been notified in the previous 2 week

 * This is a bi-weekly auction (once every two weeks).  
   Minumum bids are $.50 unless otherwise noted.
 * You can check the current bids at
 * Please do not bid unless you intend to buy.

    ******* Current bid board ends November 21st at 7PM. *******
        - Updated Bids as of 11/11 06:00 PM EST (MHA)
              MB=Minimum Bid  BK=Book Value

- 96-97 Stadium Club Rookie Showcase #RS11 Kobe Bryant BK=$30 $6.00

Thanks and good luck!