Post by KEVIN » Sat, 19 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I have the following cards for trade or sell, PLMk what u have and what u
want from me.

94-95 Finest Grant Hill peeled rc #240, BV$80
96-97 Bowman Antoine Walker rc, BV$15
96-97 Bowman Best Clyde Drexler atomic refractor #75, Bv$20
97-98 Bowman Tracy Mcgrady rc. BV$6
97-98 UD Choice Tim Thomas Prime choice reverse 78/100, BV$50
97-98 UD Choice Van Horn Prime choice reverse 28/100, BV$90
97-98 Fleer Michael Jordan Decade of excellence, BV$60
97-98 Metal Universe S. Rahim Championship galaxy, BV$25
97-98 Metal Universe S.Marbury Championship galaxy, BV$30
97-98 Topps Chrome Shawn Kemp refractor #92, BV$25
97-98 Topps S.Marbury Generation refractor, BV$36
97-98 Metal Universe Hakeem Olajuwon pmg #59 047/100, BV$60
98-99 Metal Corliss Williamson pmg #34 35/50, BV$40
97-98 SP Glen Rice Profiles 3 064/100, BV$30
98-99 Ultra Rod Strcikland Platinum #97P 12/99, BV$15 (had a scratch)
98-99 Ultra Vin Baker Platinum #13P 75/99, BV$40
98-99 TSC Shawn Kemp one of a Kind #76 108/150, Bv$50
98-99 Skybox Premium Gary Payton Intimidation Nation, Bv$15
98-99 Skybox Premium Shawn Kemp rubies #211 012/50, BV$125
98-99 SPX Finite Tim Thomas Spectrum #88 #/350, BV$37.50
98-99 Spx Finite Vince Carter rc #/2500, BV$60 X(2)
98-99 Ultra Vince Carter rc #106, BV$40
98-99 EX Century Vince Carter rc #89, BV$30
98-99 EX Century Paul Pierce #82, BV$20
98-99 Ultra Mike Bibby rc #111, BV$20
PSA9 94-95 Finest Eddie Jones rc, BV$30
PSA9 96-97 Finest Marbury rc, BV$25
PSA9 97-98 Topps Chrome Michael Jordan #123, Bv$30
PSA9 97-98 Topps Chrome Van Horn rc, BV$40
PSA 8 97-98 Ultra Tim Duncan rc, BV$40

PSA9 98 Topps Chrome Randy Moss rc

Any ray allen or Ricky Davis hign end or numbered cards
Any ex2001, ex-century credentials
Any low numbered cards
Any 97-98-99 Skybox CM autographics
Any Upperdeck Game Jersey
Premum rc
ANY 98-99 EX CENTURY Authen-Kicks