Antique and Old Medical Books

Antique and Old Medical Books

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Antique and Old Medical Books

The following are descriptions of old medical books that I wish to sell as
a lot, or individually, if necessary.  Most of the books are in good
condition, although a few have been damaged by climate.  The books are
listed by assending dates.

_Diseases of Women_
310 engravings and color plates
Henry J. Garrigues, A.M, M.D.
1894, W.B. Saunders

_Atlas and Epitome of Traumatic Fractures and Dislocations_, 5th Edition
216 color illustrations, 64 litho plates
Prof. Dr. H. Helferich
1902, W.B. Saunders

_Clinical Lectures on Mental Diseases_
T.S. Clouston, M.D.
1904, J & A Churchill

_Human Anatomy_, 3rd Edition
Illustrated by 846 woodcuts, 276 in color
ed. Henry Morris, M.A.
1905, P. Blakiston's Son & Company

_Diseases of the Stomach_, 3rd Edition
Many Illustrations and a lithograph Frontispiece
John C. Hemmeter, M.D. PhD
1906, P. Blakiston's Son & Company

_Foods and Their ***eration_
Harvey W. Wiley, M.D. PhD
1907, P. Blakiston's Son & Company

_Modern Surgery: General and Operative_, 5th Edition
827 Illustrations, some in color
John Chalmers Da Costa, M.D.
1908, W.B. Saunders Company

_Pulmonary Tuberculosis and Its Complications_
Sherman G. Bonney, A.M. M.D
1908, W.B. Saunders Company

_Diseases of the *** with Special Reference to Cancer_
69 Plates 12 color
William L. Rodman, M.D.
1908, P. Blackiston's Son & Company

_The Treatment of Fractures_, 6th Edition
856 Illustrations
Charles Locke Scudder, M.D.
1908, W.B. Saunders Company

_Practice of Medicine_, 9th Edition
Anders, James M.
1910, W.B. Saunders Company

_A Handbook of Practical Treatment_, Vol. I
ed. John H. Musser, M.D.
1911, W.B. Saunders Company

_Quiz Compends: Physiology_
Dr. Brubaker
1912, P. Blakiston's Son & Company

_The Diseases of Infancy and Childhood_, 6th Edtion
240 illustrations 8 colored plates
L. Emmett Holt, M.D.
1912, D. Appleton and Company

_Therapeusis of Internal Diseases_, Volumes I, II, IV, V
ed. Fred Forchheimer, M.D.

_Therapeusis of Internal Disease_, Vol V
ed. Frank Billings, S.M. M.D. & Ernest E. Irons, M.D., PhD
1914, D. Appleton & Company

_Monographic Medicine: The Prognosis of Internal Diseases_, Vol. VI
Henry L. Elsner, M.D.
1916 D. Appleton and Company

_Suppement to Forchheimer's Therapeusis of Internal Diseases_, 3rd Edition
1917, D. Appleton and Company

_ABT's Pediatrics_, Volumes I, II, VII
ed. Isaac A. Abt, M.D.
1923, W.B. Saunders Company

_Physiotherapy Technic: A Manual of Applied Physics_
85 Illustrations
C.M. Sampson, M.D.
1923, C.V. Mosby Company

_Practice of Medicine_, Volumes I through X (and Index)
Frederick Tice, M.D.
1924, W.F. Prior Comapny, Inc.

_Feeding and the Nutritional Disorders in Infancy and Childhood_, 4th Edition
42 Engravings, One full-page color plate
Julius H. Hess, M.D.
1925, F.A. Davis Company Publishers

_The Dispensatory of United States of America_, 21st Edition
Horatio C. Wood, Jr. M.D.
1926, J.B. Lippincott Company

_Practice of Surgery_, Volumes I, II, VI, IX, XI, XII
Clinical, Diagnostic, Operative, Postoperative
ed. Dean Lewis, M.D., Sc.D

_Modern X-Ray Technic_
(Clippings of relevant medical articles in book)
ed. C. Jerman
1928, Bruce Publishing Company

_The Mind at Mischief: Tricks and Deceptions of the Subconscious and How
to Cope with Them_
William S. Sadler, M.D. FACS
1929, Funk & Wagnalls Company

_Chemistry in Medicine_
ed. Juliu Stieglitz
1929, The Chemical Foundation, Inc.

_Osler's Principles and Practice of Medicine_, 11th Edition
Designed for the use of practitioners and Students of Medicine
The Late Sir William Osler, BT., M.D., F.R.S
1930, D. Appleton and Company

_The Practical Medicine Series_
Obstetrics: DeLee
Gynecology: Greenhill
1931, Yeark Book Publishers, Inc.

_The Practical Medicine Series of Year Books_
Obstetrics: ed. Joseph B. DeLee, A.M., M.D.
Gynecology: ed. J.P. Greenhill, B.S., M.D. FACS
1933, Year Book Publishers, Inc.

_The 1933 Year Book of General Medicine_
George F.***, M.D.
1933, Yeark Book Publishers, Inc.

_An Analysis of the Osteopathic Lesion: A Study in Pathology, Physiology,
and Anatomy_
George Malcolm McCole, D.O.
1935, Geo M. McCole, D.O., Publisher

_Medical State Board Examinations: Summaries and Answers_, 4th Edition
1939, J.B. Lippincott Company

_Abrege D'Histologie_, 5th Edition
Vingt Lecons avec Notions de Technique
(in French)
H. Bulliard et Ch. Champy
1940, Libraires de l'Academie de Medicine

_Treatment in General Practice_, 4th Ed.
1942, W.B. Saunders Company

_Treatment in General Medicine_, 3rd Edition Vol.2
1944, F.A. Davis Company Publishers

_Refresher Course in Male Hormone Therapy_
1948, Ciba Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

_Questions and Answers_ Vol. 3
ed. J.F. Hammond, M.D.
1950, American Medical Association

_Actinotherapy Technique_, 8th Edition
Sir Henry Gauvain, (Foreword)
1952, Alpine Press

_Gypsona Technique_, 10th Edition
1953, T.J. Smith & Nephew LTD.

_The Complete Pediatrician_
Jeana Davison Levinthal

_University of the State of New York: Registered Physicians_
Bulletin Number 1451, Jan 1958
Doctors of Medicine, Osteopathic Physicians, Physiotherapists

_The Medical Society of New Jersey: Membership Directory_

_First Aid Textbook_, 4th Edition
American Red Cross
1966, Doubleday & Company, Inc.

_The Medical Society of New Jersey: Membership Directory_

Please respond if interested, or if you have any information to offer.

Thank you,

William Levin