Sevres bust - Can you help me?

Sevres bust - Can you help me?

Post by NFor » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi - my Gran is moving to a home and she wanted me to choose an item from her
house to keep and remember her by.  I chose this bust.  I know nothing about
antiques and I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it and give
me some idea of worth.

It is about the hieght of 3/4 of a piece of A4 paper including the stand. White
porcelain.  It is of a young girl and it is on a blue stand.

On the bust itself it says 'L.Houssin, 1892' and on the back 'sevres', 'made in
France' and kind of twin peak mountain with a squiggle by it symbol, a little
circle, a sort of domino box with an 's' at the top and something I can not
make out at the bottom it looks like some symbols and there is an 'N'.  On the
base it says 'made France' and a box with an 'S, 1925, DN'.
 I have a scan of it but I can't work out how to attach a picture here!

I would appreciate your help greatly. Thanks